Our Farms

Manitoba Turkey Producers (MTP) represents 59 farm families in the province of Manitoba. The province is divided into three production districts. Our board of directors is comprised of one producer representative elected from each district, plus one at-large representative. These four board members, along with an administrative staff, run day-to-day operations at MTP.

Food We Eat

Manitoba turkey farmers produce turkey of the highest quality and safety for consumers. The On-Farm Food Safety Program (OFFSP) is a national program followed by Canadian turkey producers that outlines specific steps to reduce and control potential food-safety hazards on farm.

Economy We Create

Manitoba turkeys are raised year-round, with an average farm producing 7000 turkeys, three times a year. In total, our turkey producers raise approximately 1.4 million turkeys annually. This represents approximately 11 million kilograms of fresh turkey available for consumer enjoyment.