Happy Birthday Great Tastes of Manitoba!

After 25 years Great Tastes of Manitoba is a bit of an anomaly in the television world. The show has been cooking up healthy, delicious food for a quarter of a century. 

With over 400 produced and directed by Executive Producer Don Hornby of Hummer Productions, he credits the success to the “I can do it” type of recipes using locally produced foods. He states “We have featured recipes for the everyday night meal to special occasions and everything in between. The food experts continually create and demonstrate tested and trusted recipes for the viewers.” 

“It’s a bit of a blast from the past with remembering past hosts, food experts and beverage experts,” says Hornby. While looking back on the longest running and top rated cooking show in Manitoba, Great Tastes of Manitoba is also looking forward with new host Ace Burpee as he begins his third season of the 35th most popular show on TV in Manitoba (based on the 2012 spring ratings). 

Each food expert delivers unique tasty recipes for today’s home cook. Watch weekly to learn from:

Sarah Cahill

Ellen Pruden


Adriana Barros


Karen Armstrong


Heather Deibert


Susan Riese


Roxanne Lewko


and new to this season Wendy Harrisko. Watch the ladies of Great Tastes of Manitoba share tips, techniques and recipes using Made in Manitoba ingredients. 

Manitoba Liquor Mart’s Ben Rusch and Sheila Nash are the resident beverage consultants. They recommend wines, beers or spirits that will “pair” with the dishes prepared on each show.

Catch this very popular, 100% made-in-Manitoba, TV series, Saturday’s at 6:30 on CTV, starting September 6 through December 13, 2014.

Great Tastes of Manitoba is a not-for-profit coalition representing 21,305collective Manitoba farmers and ranchers whose core members include: Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Manitoba Beef Producers, Manitoba Canola Growers, Manitoba Chicken Producers, Manitoba Mushroom Growers, Manitoba Pork, Manitoba Pulse Growers and Manitoba Turkey Producers. 

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and Manitoba Liquor Marts have been long-time supporters to Great Tastes of Manitoba.

Give your summer Meal Plan a Great Tastes Make-over

This summer let’s focus on fresh, field to table, in season whole foods! Cooking with local Manitoba foods like beef, canola, chicken, dairy, mushrooms, pork, pulses and turkey allows you to choose exactly what you are putting into your body. Whole foods are nutrient dense giving your body the vitality boost and eating wholesome meals and snacks regularly throughout the day helps keep your metabolism running steadily. With help from Great Tastes of Manitoba there are many recipes to choose from that are family friendly, healthy and simply delicious. 

Try some of Great Tastes of Manitoba’s summer favourites below.  If you are not confident in the kitchen let us help, subscribe to our YouTube channel, GreatTastesTV.  There you will find many short recipe demonstration videos which link to a recipe that you can watch on the go or at home in your kitchen.

Remember there are plenty more summertime recipes developed using Manitoba ingredients found here. Enjoy the upcoming warm prairie months!

Slow Roasted Manitoba Honey Chicken Breast and Canola Lime Salad Dressing

Cold Stir-Fry Salad with Mushrooms

Greek Salad

Kick Start Summer with our Top Ten Backyard Recipes

Prepare your family’s favourites using whole local ingredients to deliver tasty and nutritious meals that are simple to prepare any day of the week.

1. There is no need to travel to Spain to enjoy their light and refreshing summer dish; you can easily make Gazpacho at home!


2. The process of soaking meat in a seasoned salt water bath, adds loads of flavour and moisture to lean meats. Beer Brined Pork Chops will always be juicy off the barbecue. 

Beer Brined Pork Chops

 3.  Buffalo wings and blue cheese dip are the inspiration for this delicious chicken burger. 

Buffalo Chicken Burgers with Blue Cheese Slaw

4. Tossed in a grill basket over the barbecue, these Cajun Mushrooms will add the perfect zip to your outdoor dinner table.

Cajun Mushrooms

 5. Don’t forget to soak your wooden skewers before grilling these Pesto & Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Kabobs.

Pesto & Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Kabobs

6. Achieve perfect grill marks by patting off excess marinade off these Teriyaki Steaks before laying them on the grill.

Teriyaki Temptation Marinated Beef Steak

7. A delicious homemade BBQ sauce that goes great with your favourite type of meat during BBQ season is essential! Canola Buckwheat Honey BBQ Sauce is a must try recipe that can be stored in the refrigerator between uses. 

Canola Buckwheat Honey BBQ Sauce

8. Pulse and Barley Salad is a dish that is delicious served warm or cold at your next picnic!

Pulse and Barley Salad

9. Try out this sensational White Pizza on an oil brushed barbecue grill at your next outdoor dinner party!

White Pizza

10. Because the adults are watching their sweet tooth and the kids want their own, these individual White Chocolate, Peach Mousse shooters will be the perfect end to an outdoor meal.

White Chocolate, Peach Mousse Shooters


Enjoy the start of a blissful outdoor season with friends and family. Please check out Great Tastes TV for all your favourite recipe demonstrations from the Great Tastes of Manitoba ladies. 


Cooking is a Life Skill

It’s something that is encouraged all the time; it might get messy and it will require time and patience but, it will be worth it in the end! This spring start fresh and have your child learn some valuable skills, get them into the kitchen!

“What’s amazing is that many parents nowadays will feel it’s extremely important to ensure their children know how to play soccer, yet those same parents aren’t providing their children with the life skill of cooking from fresh, whole ingredients,” says Yoni Freedhoff, director of the Bariatric Medical Institute.

It’s important as parents that we incorporate cooking as a life skill, it’s imperative that they learn meals do not come from the freezer aisle or a box. It’s natural to think a young child alone in a kitchen full of sharp objects can be dangerous however, with proper guidance and supervision it’s very doable to include them in helping prepare a meal.

Kate Comeau, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada says ”Either they’re worried about safety, they’re worried about that their child can’t do it, they can’t help, or they’re just so crunched for time that they see it as a burden to show their children. They’d rather give them the iPad (and say) ‘Watch a movie and let me get supper on the table.”

A kitchen that is preparing a meal of any size has numerous tasks. Let it be reading a recipe aloud, washing vegetables, opening canned tomatoes, chopping an onion or garlic. With some guidance and encouragement children can help in preparing daily meals. Not only will they enjoy helping with the cooking, they will be proud of what they helped prepare for the family.

Here are some great springtime recipes that are perfect for feeding hungry families and are ideal in bringing kids into the kitchen.

French Toast Fingers

Crepes with Berries (Gluten-Free)

Pork Lettuce Boats with Watermelon Salsa

Together lets join the trend: Simply Cook and Enjoy!

According to Dietitians of Canada, “There is a growing concern about a potential lack of home cooking and loss of cooking skills among Canadians of all ages.”  It’s widely acknowledged that times have changed; people’s lives are rushed and busy. Nutrition Month 2014 is looking to inspire Canadians to get back to cooking basics and involve children and youth in food preparation.


Let foodManitoba help you and your families reach a healthier self!


Get Informed

White Bean Turkey Chili

The fields of Manitoba provide a multitude of local ingredients each year. Manitoba is home to 19,054 farms in which the majority of these farms are family owned and operated. Click here for more.

Get information and kitchen tips on everything from, purchasing, preparing, storing and nutritional value of foodManitoba’s top 9 ingredients. Click here to get started.

Strip Loin Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms

Start Planning

Tune into Great Tastes of Manitoba, our weekly cooking show on CTV Winnipeg Saturdays at 6:30PM. Each episode focuses on foodManitoba’s top ingredients featuring three simple yet incredibly tasty recipes each week.

Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily recipes, kitchen tips and inspiring ways to cut back on time in the kitchen.

Chicken Avocado and Black Bean Salad

Get Cooking

foodManitoba is home to over 600 recipes, many which have been featured on television and in print. Conveniently choose recipes from preparation method, type of dish or main ingredient.

Need a visual to wrap your head around a recipe, no problem. There are how-to recipe videos embedded in many of our recipes. Subscribe to foodManitoba’s GreatTastesTV channel to view them now.

Ginger Stout Cake with Lemon Sauce

Get the whole family into meal time by checking out these great Dietitians of Canada approved apps: eaTipsers and Cookspiration

Pork & Shrimp Thai Noodle Bowl

Share some of your cooking inspiration with our readers and remember to simply cook and enjoy this Nutrition Month!

Fresh Blueberry Lemon Muffins



 Happy Nutrition Month from        



Manitoba’s Recipe Picks for Best Picture Nominees

Its award season in Hollywood, whether you’re a fan of fashion or film the Academy Awards always garners some attention. The special night honoring the movies airs March 2nd. Start planning to treat yourself and those around you with an Oscar worthy menu. The ladies of foodManitoba have put together some of our Oscar inspired recipe picks for a few of this year’s best picture nominees.


Captain Phillips

Refried Pinto Beans

Enjoy the taste of Africa during this intense Drama set off the coast of Somalia, leaving Captain Richard Phillips desperate to get his crew and freighter back into safer waters.

West African Pork Peanut Stew

Pickerel Paper

Pan Fried Pickerel

Mediterranean  Mushrooms Couscous



Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Spinach, Feta and Bacon

Make sure the peas on your plate don’t float away when a catastrophic encounter with a field of space debris flies directly into a shuttle crew repairing the Hubble telescope.

Spaghetti Turkey Meatballs 

Bulger Mushroom Burgers with Fresh Herb Mayonnaise

Cinnamon Sugar Monkey Bread



Mussels with Chorizo

Enjoy this film with dinner for two as you watch a futuristic world where you are one with your devices. A glimpse in the future shows Theodore’s search for companionship from an artificial intelligence operating system to fill a void in his life.

Individual Pulled Pork Parfaits

Individual Chicken Bacon Pizza

Nutty Pesto Personal Turkey Pizza

Blackberry Crème Brûlée


Dallas Buyers Club

Chicken Avocado and Black Bean Salad

Determined to prolong his life after being diagnosed HIV-Positive. Ron Woodroof finds longevity without the help of pharmaceutical companies but rather, by sourcing vitamin supplements from Mexico creating a buyers club. Dig into Manitoba prairie ingredients full of nutritious vitamins.

Egg in a Bread Basket

Barbados Pork Chops with Black Bean Relish

Beet Salad with Oranges and Fennel

Can-Thai Salad


The Wolf of Wall Street

Pan Seared Beef Medallions with Simple Port Sauce

Driven by the finer things in life Jordan Belfort throws ethics out the window when the young stockbroker on Wall Street stops at no level of authority to get ahead in the financial world.

Crown Roast Pork Savoury Apple Stuffing

Fresh Herbed Beef Tenderloin Balsamic Glaze

Roasted Turkey with Fiesta Brine

Jumbo Shrimp Canapes with Chili Lime Cream 


Dine from an Oscar worthy dinner menu from the award winning fields of Manitoba!

Let us know what you think of these Manitoba recipes paired with these Academy Nominated Best Pictures.


Make the Most of Every Day this Year


Take the words diet and detox out of your vocabulary this January and focus on long term lifestyle improvements. Eating well balanced meals daily while being active regularly with family and friends will kick start a healthier you! Improving your health doesn’t need to be complicated or require enormous amounts of time and effort. Small changes can quickly become routine. Start by creating each meal using Canada’s Food Guide. A well balanced meal is made up of 4 food groups: vegetables and fruit, grain products, milk and alternatives and meat and alternatives. Thankfully Manitoba is fortunate enough to grow, harvest and raise all these nourishing ingredients that make up endless meal options.

  1. Vegetables and fruit can be eaten throughout the day, rounding out meals or as healthy snacks. Try Manitoba grown mushrooms raw or cooked they contain natural occurring vitamin D. Choose dark green, like broccoli and orange vegetables, like sweet potato as they have high levels of folate, vitamin A & C, and antioxidants working at repairing cell damage in our body. Grain products are essential in getting glucose into the body for energy. Make half of your grain products whole grain each day. Doing so will increase fibre in your diet, keep your body feeling more satisfied in between meals and improve cardiovascular health. Grain products are a source of several B Vitamins, folate and various minerals including magnesium and potassium. 
  2. Milk and alternatives are a good source of calcium and protein. Incorporating dairy into our diets daily is simple. Enjoy a glass of milk with a meal or snack, low-fat yogurt with some bran cereal for crunch and berries for sweetness or low-fat cheese can be added to almost any meal imparting great flavour and richness to a dish.
  3. Always remember lean proteins should be on your plate. Lean protein is found in a variety of foods like, soy bean tofu, peas and lentils, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs and fish can fuel our bodies. The meats and alternatives group is loaded with a variety of essential amino acids, minerals and healthy fats that will help you stay alert and satisfied throughout the day. 
  4. Oils and fats are important and shouldn’t be eliminated from the diet. Include a small amount, 2 to 3 tablespoons of unsaturated fat like canola oil to your diet; also a healthy source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Oils and fats supply our bodies with calories and essential fats help absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Now we know why these local Manitoba ingredients are important and the good they will do for our bodies.

Choosing meals and snacks based on the recommendation of Canada’s Food Guide will helps us make informed menu selections. For more information on Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide click here.

Now, a plan that will ensure this will work for your family. Planning meals is key to a healthy new you! When shopping at the grocery store, focus on the big picture, meals for the whole week. Once at home start the prep work, organize a week worth of meals in the fridge. Get the kids involved in planning dinners; if chili is on this week’s menu have them rinse the beans. Brown the lean meat of your choice (beef, pork, turkey, chicken) and chop the vegetables. Put all the ingredients for chili into a large freezer bag, this is now ready to put in the slow cooker for later this week.

Make JanYOUary your month to kick start a healthier you!


Any Day, Any Time Smoothies


Pear Quinoa Salad with Warm Toasted Walnut Dressing

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili with Apples

Tis the Season of Entertaining


Busy weeks ahead moving into the New Year can be stressful with all the baking, cooking and entertaining. foodManitoba wants to take the stress out of this busy time of year with some tested and trusted recipes.

Mushroom Artichoke Bread Bowl Dip

Trimming the tree can become a delicious family activity with a Mushroom and Artichoke Bread Bowl Dip, Golden Canapés, and Chicken & Brie Toasts. 

Chicken and Brie Toasts

Golden Canapés

Chocolate Swirl Truffle Bars

Holiday baking is a sweet tradition that is mixed, measured and shared throughout generations.

Cranberry Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Spinach & Ham Strata

With the pitter-patter of excited little toes, brunch can be prepared ahead of time so that your time is well spent on early mornings.

French Toast Fingers

Fresh Herbed Tenderloin with Balsamic Glaze

It’s your big day to host dinner and you have some delicious choices! Hosting is wonderful when prepared with the perfect recipes. 

Honey & Beer Marinade Injection Turkey

Crown Roast of Pork with Grand Marnier Apricot Stuffing

Chicken Chili with Black Beans & Corn

Cosying up in front of the TV with your family watching a favourite holiday movie with a big bowl of chili and an ooey gooey dessert that will put a smile on anyones’ face.

Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Love Buns

Gingerbread Latte

Warm up and refuel after an afternoon out building snowmen, making snow angels or ice skating. Nothing tastes better than sipping on a Gingerbread Latte and munching on a handful of Oven Roasted Chickpeas.

Roasted Chickpea Snack


 Wishing you Happy Holidays from all of us at 

Off to a holiday party–get dinner on the table fast.

Finding time  to cook around the holidays can be tough, especially between the cookie exchange, holiday shopping and rushing off to the next holiday party. Getting a healthy homemade meal on the table quickly for your family is possible with plenty of easy to prepare foodManitoba recipes. These recipes are not only nutritious and satisfying they are also quick and easy to make during the busy weeks ahead.


Super Salmon Stix


Get your children excited about dinner with omega-3 rich Super Salmon Stix, these bake in 10 minutes. Serving tacos with the toppings on the side is great way to get kids in the kitchen chopping mushrooms, grating cheese or helping by rinsing black beans.

Mushroom Vegetable Tacos

Ham and Lentil Soup


When dinner can double as lunch during the workweek or as an easy meal for the babysitter; you can be relieved dinner can be served quickly and there is still time to run errands.

Chicken Avocado and Black Bean Salad

Maple Mustard Grilled Turkey Kebabs with Fennel Arugula Salad

Serve high protein mains that can be easily reheated the following day. The bold flavours found in these turkey kebabs and Italian sausages cook up very quickly making preparing dinner simple and tasty.

Italian Sausages with Grilled Peppers and Onions


Get dinner on the table quickly and feel good about serving these meals to your family. This holiday season make dinner time stress-free and don’t break the bank with ordering in during the upcoming busy months.


Plan meals with tested and trusted local recipes.

Farm to Table: Manitoba Harvest is Tasty!

Become inspired in the kitchen this autumn season, harvest in the prairies means widely available fresh local ingredients that are just ready to be transformed into succulent dishes your family will truly enjoy.  Early morning visits to pick up fresh ingredients from the farmers markets in your area brings the freshest ingredients to family tables from Churchill to Altona all the while creating an exciting and educational outing to a limited time Manitoba open air market.



Harvest Fruit: Come autumn, apples and pears are being picked off trees in Manitoba and there are plenty of ways to enjoy these fruits.

Apple Berry Crisp

Grilled Pork, Pear and Pecan Salad

Grilled Chicken and Apple Sandwiches


Harvest Vegetables: Big on flavour and hearty nutrients, especially when roasted. Bring vibrant colour to your plate along with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Beefy Meatballs and Spaghetti Squash

Roasted Vegetable Soup

Popular items found in many farmers markets that most of us go crazy for is sweet Manitoba honey and fresh pressed apple cider. Honey and apple cider are versatile in savoury recipes that can enhance flavours in meats when used as a marinade or glaze. Highlight local fair just in time for Thanksgiving using apple cider, honey and Manitoba brewed beer in these foodManitoba recipes. 

Honey & Beer Marinade Injection

Glazed Ham with Cider Sauce








Although all foodManitoba ingredients are available year round, mushrooms are especially tasty this month as it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Fresh Mushroom Gravy

As the days become shorter and the weather becomes cooler we all crave autumn baking. Enjoy sharing some of our favourite sweet recipes using local dairy, eggs and gluten-free pulses this harvest season.

Gingerbread Cupcakes
Cobweb Pumpkin Pizza
Spiced Pumpkin Custard